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Optical Systems Are Moving at an Amazing Pace

The history of optical system design

Optics have an amazing history. It all started with biological systems. The development of the eye in various forms of life was an amazing process. And in the end humans possessed eyes which could take in an amazing amount of beauty and complexity. But at the same time the human eye is blind to many of the wonders of earth. Or it might be better to say that the unaided human eye is blind to much of that beauty. Because humanity has developed methods to create artificial lenses to compensate for deficiencies in their own vision. Sometimes this is as simple as glasses or contacts which bring vision up to the average level. But there's also a wide range of optical systems whose reason for being is to peer into the depths of the unknown. One of the most familiar to the majority of people is the microscope. It magnifies the world to the point where microscopic life can be seen by the human eye. When it was first discovered it allowed people to gaze into what seemed like a whole new world.

A new way of working with the lens

But the wide variety of these lenses would share a trait with newer ones to follow. They required a level of precision in their development which made construction a very time consuming process. But these days modern manufacturing techniques allow Precision optics to be developed and shipped out in a very short timeframe. In fact, it's actually possible for people to fill in lens information online. And they can then add in additional information such as a needed computational processing system to handle data from the lens. From there it can be quickly manufactured on site and delivered right to the door of the person who needs the lens.